The Book Society

The Book Society

About The Book Society

Welcome to the University of Northampton Book Society! This society is a chance for you to meet new people through a love of books and hopefully make some solid friendships.

Meetings: We aim to meet monthly to vote on a book (or two!) to read for that month. Throughout the year, we will try to focus on as many genres as we can, so that everyone can get a taste of familiar and unfamiliar ones. Check out our bio to see what we’re currently reading!

Socials: Our socials vary. One month we could be going to watch a movie, having a meal at Spoons or even dancing the night away at Platform. All social events will be announced when confirmed on all of our social media sites. We have a GoodReads group! This allows society members to discuss with one another, their opinions on the current books being read. Social Media: Keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook pages as we’ll be posting any important information on there for you all to see. Also, take part in regular polls and Q & A’s on our Instagram story about potential books and genre’s you would like us to consider reading! If you have any questions at all then drop us a message on our social media. We hope to see you soon ???? Contacts: Instagram: @uonbooksociety Facebook Group: UoN Book Society