Rugby Union (Women's)

Rugby Union (Women's)

About Rugby Union (Women's)

Women’s Rugby Union is a fun and energetic team, we currently train and play once a week, training on Mondays and games on Wednesdays, we currently play within BUCS Midlands Tier 3 and in previous seasons have finished the season mid or top of this table. We are a relatively new team with a large amount of the team being newer players, though we do have some players who have played for a longer period. We see ourselves as less of a team and more of a family as we stand up and look out for each other on and off the pitch. Off the pitch we hold socials every Wednesday evening at Bridge 26 on Bridge Street just a 5-minute walk from campus. The walk is also well lit and safe for any of those worried about travelling at night.


We train every Monday on the Waterside Campus 3G pitch from 5:30pm till 7pm, we will be meeting there at around 5:15pm to set up to take full advantage of the time slot we have been given to train. Alongside this we have additional training being offered by Wellingborough Rugby Club on Thursdays from 7pm to 8:30pm, this is a deal that has been given to the University Rugby team and is completely free for the team as this is going to be out home ground for the season and a handful of the University team are signed to Wellingborough as players.


Our 2019/20 Committee is:

President – Georgia Dorrian

Georgia is a newer player who joined the team last year when she started at the University, in the year she has played she has grown not just as a player but also as a person and has become one of the strongest players on our team, she’s a loud and energetic person who listens and looks out for her team and friends. She will be taking up an important role, not just on the committee this year, but also within the squad. Additionally, there are few that can down a pint as quick as Georgia can and is a big presence at socials.


Captain & Social Sec – Lara Warman

Lara is one of our more experiences players, with 16 years of playing under her belt. She got the captaincy not just because of her experience but because she is easiest the loudest girl on the team, she has a war cry that can scare any opposition. Although appearing as big and scary Lara is a kind and gentle girl who believes strongly in the team as a family as will always be available to talk to whether it regards rugby or not. As social sec she will keep us all in check at socials, don’t mess with her.


Vice-Captain – Maddie Couchman

Maddie is another of the newer players within the team, also playing for just a year, rugby has pushed Maddie to come out of her shell and become a confident woman, she has also developed massively within the team and will be running the squad alongside the Captain. Maddie has trained hard and many would not believe she has played for such a short period of time. She may be quiet at times but she’s one to watch at games and socials where Maddie lets loose. Maddie will listen to her players and is great with advice.


Secretary – Ffyona Spreyer

Ffyona is a prime example of how inclusive rugby is, especially to us, prior to being approached by the girls on the team she believed that sports would not be for her, however after just one training session Ffyona played her first rugby game six months ago and is now playing a very difficult position within the team, she has thrived within the team and has become another key and important player. She’s known for her presence at socials, you can often recognise her dressed as a Banana, she is loud and fun loving and always brings the party and the laughs. Ffyona is one to talk too, she’s a great listener and will try her hardest to aid anyone in need.


Treasurer – Courtney Lewis

Courtney joined the team in the middle of the season last year and although she has only been playing for 6 months her skills and ability has really progressed, we don’t call her Mini Beast for nothing. She has been open to trying new positions and has since found her key position within the

squad as when she started, she was unsure of where she would be best to play. Courtney is a funny and although will not be as present at socials this year due to being in her third year she will be a big presence on the team and is another person who is great to go to if you need someone to talk to.


We have a wide range of social media and groups. We have a multiple facebook groups, one for the seasons players which will contain the important and more serious information regarding games and training, a group for or ‘Old Girls’ which is for our alumni players so they can arrange meet-ups etc. and a group that contains all of the girls new and old which is the less serious and fun chat. We also have an Instagram and Facebook account that documents our games and excursions. When you join the team, you will be added to the appropriate group chats. We do not currently have a Twitter account. Facebook: Instagram:


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