Rugby League (Men's)

Rugby League (Men's)

About Rugby League (Men's)

Description of club

Rugby League is known as the Club of The Year. The Club is arguably the most welcoming and accepting sport club at the University of Northampton that has a diverse intake of many walks of life.

Some of the main reasons you should join are!

Brotherhood nature- Meet mates for life and share incredible lifelong experiences.
1 competitive team and 1 social team- Opportunity for all to play no matter ability.
Only University Sport team to provide personal Strength & Conditioning and programmes
Biggest presence on campus- The club has its own unique nickname identity as the Gremlins with our own team colours and clothing range.
Partake in a tougher, faster and exciting variation of Rugby that has many transferable skills to and from rugby union.

Regardless of ability, we welcome all.

Some chose to partake just socially, others just competitively and many do both. There is something for everyone at the club including yourself!

You! Have the opportunity to be a part of an exceptional club from the start of your studies on field and off field.

What sets us apart from other sports at Northampton is our history of producing multiple national level players, semi- professionals and die-hard links with our alumni, the friends you make and will continue to make are not just for 3 years but for life!


Recently promoted to Midlands 1A (League restructuring Midlands 2A)
Socials are held at  21:00 at Aruba, the wildest and cheapest student bar in Northampton.



University of Northampton all weather pitches and Strength and conditioning Hale Gym.
Monday and Fridays, Sundays
7:30pm to
Meeting points for pitches the club meets at the Entrance to all weather pitches and for the strength and conditioning at Hale Gym we will meet outside the Students union.
Coach: Paul Stewart, Ex- international rugby league player. 




Kier Sheehan (President)

George Hopson (captain)

Jay Mainprize

(Vice-Captain and Social Sec)

Geraint Morris


Max Downing (Secretary)

Oliver Clark

(Fundraising Secretary)

I am currently in my third year studying Advertising & Digital marketing. I am the President for men’s rugby league and in charge of running the club for 2019/2020.


I am currently in my third year studying Education & Sport joint honours. I am the Captain for men’s rugby league and in charge of the training, team selection and fixture organisation for  2019/2020.


I am currently in my second year studying politics & international relations. I am the vice-captain and social secretary for men’s rugby league and in charge of supporting the captain in completing his task’s as well as organising and running socials for 2019/2020.


I am currently in my third year studying Accounting & finance. I am the Treasurer for men’s rugby league and in charge of running the team finance accounts for 2019/2020.


I am beginning my masters and am studying for MSc International Business Management. I am the secretary for Men’s Rugby League and in charge of aiding the other committee in completing their essential tasks for  2019/2020.


I am currently in my third year studying Policing. I am the Fund-Raising secretary  for men’s rugby league in charge of raising funds for the club and charity organisations for 2019/2020.



Social Media

Facebook groups: University of Northampton Rugby League, @uonrugbyleague
Instagram: @uonrugbyleague
Twitter: @UoNRugbyLeague



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