About Pensa

PENSA - Pentecost Students and Associates is the University Ministry of Church of Pentecost Worldwide.

It is a Christian fellowship for students that meets once a week to worship, pray, read the Bible and share beliefs on various life and spiritual matters.

In the University of Northampton (UON), the fellowship meets every Tuesday evening from 18:30pm-20:00pm through Skype. It is open to any student interested and organised by the President, Vice President and Secretary. At the end of meetings there is usually an opportunity to socialise, meet new people and share refreshments.

During term time, Pensa UON tries to integrate itself into the university and larger community. Evangelism is organised and there are wider Christian events that occur throughout the year, which are open to members and non-members. Details of this are communicated as necessary during meetings or over a group chat.

Pensa UON will be honoured to have you and promises that you will be especially blessed in one way or the other when you fellowship with us.


mail Email: [email protected]