About Midwifery

The Midwifery Society is an opportunity to bring student midwives across all cohorts together in celebration and support of one another additional to that offered within the university. It aims to provide additional learning opportunities through the form of study days; covering a wide variety of topics chosen by students themselves. As a society, we take pride in celebrating each students’ achievements, big or small, throughout the programme. The committee members are the university’s third year student midwives from a range of host sites; Caityln (President), Sam  (Secretary), Lisa (Treasurer) . As committee members, we are always happy to address questions, concerns and new ideas that may be raised- to add to the society. Both the committee and society are always welcoming new members. If you have any queries prior to joining our society, please contact us at:

Facebook: The UoN Midwifery Society


Twitter: @UoNmidsoc

Instagram: uonmidwiferysociety

Email: [email protected]