Lacrosse (Women's)

Lacrosse (Women's)

About Lacrosse (Women's)

We are the University of Northampton’s Women’s Lacrosse team! We welcome men and women of all abilities. Currently, we don’t have a men’s team but are looking to build one.

Our teams takes part in BUCS which is in the autumn/winter terms. Our game days are on Wednesday which is the same day we host themed socials at Balloon. Socials start at 8pm every Wednesday and have a different theme every week!

Our training sessions are on the 3G pitch on Waterside Campus on Monday’s (team training session) at 5:30-7pm and Thursdays (our recreational session) at 7-8:30pm. Our Coaches name is Alex Davies. This is Alex when he used to play for our old men’s team!

If you are interested in joining our team or attending recreational sessions, you are welcome to get in contact with us through your social media of choice.


mail Email: [email protected]

share Twitter: @uonwlacrosse