Football (Men's)

Football (Men's)

About Football (Men's)

Men's football currently has 2 teams that compete in BUCS. This is then followed by themed socials which take place every Wednesday.  Men's football welcomes players off all abilities. Our training sessions take place every Monday 7pm-8:30pm. 

The 1st and 2nd team are aiming to win the league title with the recruitment of new players and current players. The first month of the new year will be welcoming and rebuilding the club, this means that next year will be a big year for freshers both on and off the pitch. We will be looking for new players for both of our teams and new people to come along to social. To add to the excitement this year we have introduced a Strength and conditioning coach, with a full time permanent manager for the 1st team as well. 

Each week we have a good social turnout. Social is a big part of men's football. Each week will we have different themes, we talk about the BUCS games that have taken place on the day and play different drinking games. We feel that this helps the club bond together more. We also do sober events for the players that don't enjoy drinking. 

Make sure to catch us on union day at our stall we will answer any questions that you wish to ask us. 


President- Psaul Henry 

Vice President- Jack Wisbey 

Social secretary- Campbell Pirret and Callum Mills 

1st Team captain- Evan Webb 

Secretary- Sam Medhurst 

Treasurer- Louis Bonwick