Doctor’s Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society

Doctor’s Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society

About Doctor’s Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society

We are a bunch of fans for Science Fiction and the TV show Doctor Who. If you are a fan too, feel free to join our society where you can meet like-minded fans, watch episodes old and new, have quiz nights; take trips to conventions and host bigger events in collaboration with other societies.

Our weekly socials, which take place every Saturday, are guaranteed to give you a great time and make lifelong friends who will stick by you throughout your years at University.

We have had guest speakers, such as the famous 8th Doctor, Paul Mcgann, with plans to hopefully get more speakers and guests in over time (or through time would be more accurate) ????

On 27th of Febuary 2016, our members visited the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff and everyone had a great day! A couple of weeks later, on 13th March 2016, the society had a 'Women in Doctor Who' Talk to celebrate International Women's Day on the 8th March.

On 24th of January 2017, the society held the Doctor Who summit! We had a panel of Who celebrities includingPrentis HancockSimon Fisher-Becker, and Ian McNeice!

And over the course of 2017/2018, we have had our largest variety of events at #DocSocNptn, including trips such as bowling,laser tagmerger screenings, and various large collaboration events with many other societies, where members have got toknow many other students, from different backgrounds and courses across both campuses ???? We also have had our popular#YouDecide fortnights, where you, the members, decide what we do as a society ????

To find out more information about who we are and what we do, please visit our Facebook page, where we will provide details and other important information about weekly meetings, videos, photos, updates and otherevents:

We have a Facebook group for you to share what you want and ask other members questions, if you wish to join (this is not compulsory) You can even join the Whovian conversations, about all things #DoctorWho at The Doctor Who Society, using our brand new for 2017 hashtag, "#DocSocNptn!"



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