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Christian Union

About Christian Union

Hello, we are the Christian Union! We are a student led group, aiming to give every student the opportunity to respond to the Gospel.

It is important to say that we aren’t a church, and really encourage you to join one whilst you’re at university. We do have lots of links with many different churches all around Northampton as well as UCCF, who support to help us and other CU’s across the country in our mission.

At heart we are all people who are passionate about serving Christ and serving others on campus.

Join us at our weekly meetings, ‘Equip’ on Thursday evenings. This is an opportunity to worship, study the Bible with visiting speakers, pray and get to know one another, equipping us to boldly share the Gospel on campus.

Other events throughout the year include: Weekend away, where we join up with Warwick University CU and Coventry University CU for a weekend of worship, Bible study and fun activities.
‘Illuminate’ and Christmas events weeks are where we can have fun and shine light on the big questions on Christianity with each other and our friends… whilst having a whole lot of fun!


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