About BioScience

The Northampton Bioscience Society aims to welcome students from all courses (bioscience or not) with an interest in science!

The society will create a diverse and active scientific community allowing students to come together to share their scientific interests and experiences.

We aim to:

Organise fun events and socials for its members, including quizzes, nights out and bar crawls (science-themed) to allow those interested in science to come together and make new friends.

Organise trips to meet with similar societies across the country, scientific programmes, and public-outreach events.

Invite speakers that will help to further and encourage scientific careers.

We will discuss the latest news and research, as well as scientific events, stimulating communication and cooperation between scientists and students and raising public awareness and understanding.

Offer academic support to those studying a course within the school of biological sciences and encourage and help develop international and interdisciplinary research proposals and projects.

Help students to get scientific research placements.





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