Avenue Campus First Love

Avenue Campus First Love

About Avenue Campus First Love

AC First Love’s ethos is centred on creative expression and leadership executed in a moral and Godly way. Students will have the opportunity to participate in workshops tailored and designed to teach them how to lead, learn musical instruments and gain performing arts(Dance, Drama, Singing) skills in addition to also carrying out charitable work in the wider community, schools and colleges. Society members can impact others positively through exhilarating performances and showcases that highlight their gifts, talents and effective leadership.

Every year we hold a number of events, mainly at the beginning of the year, were we have events such as the Dance Concert and Gospel Rock Show and then an even bigger version of the Gospel Rock Show in January/February. Through out the year, we hold themed Sunday Meetings such as 'Valentines Sunday', 'Colourful Sunday', 'International Day' and 'Purple Sunday'.


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